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JonBenet, John Stamos, John 3:16

Week #32 | Aug 19, 2018 – punk

Another week, another song. I’m losing gusto, y’all. Not just with songs, but with everything in general. I’m working a lot, running a lot, recording a lot and generally just doing a lot. That’s a good thing, normally, but I’ve been really prone to burnout this year. This is my 4th or 5th burnout this year, which can’t be good for my heart.

I’m going to a 5 day meditation retreat this week to serve and share my love of meditation by cooking good vegan food and cleaning bathrooms. I can’t complain because someone did the same for me earlier this year. So, hopefully meditating 3 hours a day for a couple of days will do me a lot of good.

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