SEEN/SAW PODCAST: A weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) song challenge podcast with Logan Sorese & Friends. Join me each wednesday as I make myself crazy and make dubious artistic choices!

Beating, Beating, Beating

Week #11 | Mar 14, 2018 – punk

This track is really, really simple and I like it that way. I got bogged down this week on how to record songs well, with drums, bass and three part harmony and it drove me crazy before realizing I didn’t have to do any of that. Sometimes simple is good.

This song is kind of negative, but it was also pretty cathartic to record. I’m going on a meditation retreat next week, so I’m spending a lot of time thinking about the thing that is me and who I want to become. I’ll get there, just like you.

Speaking of retreat, not sure how I’m going to release the track next week since I’ll be gone. It may be released before or after, but I won’t miss a week, I promise you that.

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