SEEN/SAW PODCAST: A weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) song challenge podcast with Logan Sorese & Friends. Join me each wednesday as I make myself crazy and make dubious artistic choices!

All Purpose Machine

Week #17 | May 2, 2018 – folk

I was born with a stutter, so my parents put me in the church choir classes to learn how to breathe. I bet I wanted to as well, but they pushed me because the doctors said it would help. If I didn’t have a stutter, I would have never written a song; I would have never been in a choir; I would have never met my partner. That stutter has plagued me my whole life and, you know, I’d choose music and love over the ability to comfortably approach strangers in Safeway.

My partner always says I’m bad with change, but I think I’m bad at decision-making . Should I do this thing or that thing or change careers or keep the one I got or become a vegetarian or try keto. I’m just trying shit right now and, you know, it hasn’t gone too badly.

This song was written in the last 24 hours, enjoy.

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