SEEN/SAW PODCAST: A weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) song challenge podcast with Logan Sorese & Friends. Join me each wednesday as I make myself crazy and make dubious artistic choices!

Colder Than Your Balcony

Week #14 | Apr 11, 2018 – punk

Sometimes, things conspire to make sure you’re not on your game. Work, travel, friends, sickness, or just lack of energy; any of those can knock you off your pedestal. It’s possible that I’ve experienced all of these roadblocks this week and I’m still here, albeit a little haggard.

I’m writing this with a fever and a 3 and half hour drive ahead of me and I’m pretty wrecked. So, enjoy this track despite it’s flaws. Back to form next week, I hope! Enjoy.

(With all that said, there is a redesign, so that’s something!)

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